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Is your Home Prepared for an Emergency?

Home accidents happen. While unfortunate, it’s something we can all prepare for in order to minimize hurt in the long run.

The Center for Preparedness and Response advises in an article on how to plan ahead - “Involve your entire family in planning and practicing how to stay healthy, informed, calm, and connected during an emergency.”

They found that while 80 percent of respondents to FEMA’s 2019 National Household Survey said they had gathered enough supplies to last three or more days, just 48 percent said they had an emergency action plan.

During the summer season our office is reminded of the time things went very wrong in the kitchen at a friend’s house years ago. Our dear friend had a young teen in the house. While her parents were at work and being the independent teen she was. She wanted to heat her lunch time pizza up. She confidently put a cardboard box of pizza into a broiling oven. Shortly after, she realized the major mistake, and was sent into a frenzy.

Do I call 911? My parents? It was contained in the oven, but how could I put this engulfed pizza box out? Almost instinctively, I ran to our garage, where our fire extinguisher is stored.

Thankfully she was able to follow the directions on the fire extinguisher and put the fire completely out (ruining her pizza nonetheless). We were relieved that she was safe, the house didn’t burn down, and that her family was prepared for a situation like that. It’s something we never forget and a lesson to show our family and friends the importance of home and kitchen safety.

As the Fourth of July approaches, there’s no better time than now to consider how to keep your loved ones safe and update the measures you already have in place. A well-stocked emergency kit is a necessity for any home, especially if children are around.

Here’s some emergency essentials to minimize accidents at home and ensure you get the most fun out of your home this summer.

Emergency Kit

  1. Basic Tool Kit

  2. At least 1 gallon of water

  3. Some non- perishable foods

  • Canned soup, stew, canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned meat. Peanut butter and jelly, rice, and mac n cheese.

  1. First Aid Kit

  • Gloves, Scissors, Bandages, Aspirin, Cold Press, Gauze, Tape, Thermometer, Blanket, Antibiotic Ointment, Antiseptic Wipes

  1. Smoke detectors

  2. Carbon Monoxide detectors

  3. Fire extinguisher

  4. Flashlight

  5. Fire escape plan

  6. Emergency Numbers


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