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Northwest Arkansas is Back to School

Safety tips for the back to school season

Our agency is filled with agents from all walks of life. One thing most of us have in common is that we're parents or aunts/uncles. Really, we have kids in our lives that we worry for their safety. Below we've compiled a safety back to school list.

Backpack Safety

While writing your kid's name on their backpack may seem like a great idea to help them keep track of it, and prevent it from getting lost in the mix; if your child is walking home or somewhere they’re not with an adult, giving a stranger access to your child’s name could potentially be dangerous. It may give your child the illusion that this stranger is someone they know or should know because they know his/her name. Instead we suggest a unique backpack or bag that sticks out, so that you and your child are able to find it when necessary.

Bus Safety

If your child is going to be taking the bus in the upcoming school year, sit down with them and have a conversation about bus safety. Maybe take your child to the future bus stop so they’ll be able to get on confidently. Have a conversation about how you will work together to make the bus on time.

Make sure they know to look both ways before crossing the street, and to stay on the sidewalk whenever possible.

Emergency Safety

Have your child keep an emergency card, with the address and phone numbers of emergency contacts, or people that could help, in a safe place where they won’t lose it. Especially if they will be taking the bus or walking to and from school. It’s very important to familiarize your child with these people, numbers, and course of action so that in the event of an actual emergency, they know how to approach the situation. This will minimize the chance of your child being stuck in an uncomfortable situation.


Does your child take any medications that will need to be dispersed to him or her at school? It is important to keep the school in the loop as far as medications go, so they can continue to care for your child while you’re unable to. It may be a good idea to introduce your child personally to the school nurse so that your child feels safe and comfortable asking the nurse for help when they need it.


For more information on neighbors within your ideal school district contact us today!

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