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Tips to Achieve Maximum Coziness When Selling a Home

One of the highest compliments a homeowner can receive is when a guest says, “Oh it’s so cozy here!” This means your visitor is so at ease and loves the atmosphere so much that they can envision themselves already living in the space. This is why those selling a home try to achieve maximum coziness in their house setups. If you can have potential buyers already picturing themselves living in your house, that’s half the battle! We at Southern Tradition Real Estate have been setting up cozy homes for decades.

Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way:

Light the way

One of the big things sellers get wrong is not providing enough lighting variety in their house, especially through the use of well-placed lamps and twinkling light strands. Lamps offer a warm glow to a home, and if they are situated in the correct spots, can add a touch of subtle coziness, such as near sofas or other comfy seats. Light strands placed on mantles or in cozy nooks can really show off a home’s charms.

Cozy up the hearth

Nothing is more inviting than a crackling fire in a gas fireplace, so if it can be done safely, then this must be seriously considered. But if it can’t be done safely, then another option is to have battery-operated candles placed strategically in the hearth, offering a warm, cozy glow. These types of candles are amazingly effective and offer a warm flickering of light that mimics the real thing and can add immeasurable ambience.

Keep it classy

It’s always a good idea to have some soft, calming music playing in the background. Nothing too loud – just enough to provide a warm, cozy feeling. The soft, lyrical strains of classical music work best, but soothing jazz tunes could also do the trick. Don’t use the radio as commercials won’t help set the mood. Most of all, the goal is for a continuous calming, relaxing atmosphere.

Clean it up

Houses can only be considered picturesque in winter snows or autumn leaves if the area is cleaned up. Buyers don’t want to be reminded of the work it will take to keep the place looking tidy. That’s exactly what they’ll think if they see snow-covered walkways, or yard filled with leaves and other debris. Have the grounds looking pristine and buyers will see your home as an oasis among the snow and leaves.

A warm welcome is more than a mat

Everyone knows to put out an inviting welcome mat at the front door, but plenty of other details in a home also beseech guests to feel welcome. For example, make sure your dining table is set for a sumptuous meal. The scent of freshly baked cookies arouses the senses. Be sure to have luxurious throw blankets and pillows sprinkled throughout your home’s available seating. And create a comfy, cozy book nook with a few apolitical novels at the ready. Your potential home buyers will never want to leave!

Selling your cozy home

Now that you know some of what it takes to achieve maximum coziness when selling your home, let our experts at Southern Tradition Real Estate take it a step further and help you navigate the home-selling landscape. Our agents have decades of experience and a whole network of contacts and long-developed relationships in the Northwest Arkansas area to help you sell your home quickly and at the right price. Contact us today at 479-365-2585 or stop in at 4700 S. Thompson Street, Suite B-101, in Springdale. Let us help you move on to the next exciting chapter in your life!

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